Mobility Scooters: Enriches Life Immeasurably

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Disability due to age, disease or accident can no longer stop your day-to-day activities as Mobility scooters have enriched the life immeasurably. Depending upon disability problem, some face temporary halt while for others it is a permanent stopgap.

Traditional wheelchairs were manual in nature and powered via wheel rims. These were replaced with electric wheelchairs that use rechargeable batteries. Mobility scooter possesses design of scooter and functions of wheelchair which are further classified under class 2 and 3. The former works well on on-pavement mode with a maximum speed of 4 mph. This helps a person to move around the pavement easily. The Class 3 device travel better on road and possess double the speed when compared to Class 2 i.e. with maximum speed of 8 mph. The Class 3 device can be made to run on pavement by adjusting speed limit to 4 mph. Front and rear lights, traffic indicators, rear view mirrors and a horn are essential equipments.

Mobility scooters can be further selected on basis of 3 or 4 wheeled types. The difference between the both is that 3 wheeled scooters are more maneuverable and they are handy for users with long legs and feet as they have more leg space.

After selecting the mobility device, user must consider the model. This is decided on the basis of usage and purpose like some users look for extended headrest for better support. Apart from this, cost is other factor which is considered before buying it. These scooters have added freedom to the movement of discerned people. They have provided freedom to enjoy traveling, shopping, visiting friends, etc, independently like other population. Moreover, depending upon disability, the user can use a battery- operated scooter inside shopping mall or in an airport. Pedestrian mobility device is considered as appropriate option for carrying out traveling on sidewalks, and streets. The wheelchair is well suited for people who remain in such devices for most of the day, while scooter gives attractive appearance.

Lastly, before buying it, always try and match the size and weight of users. Give a try to number of scooters until user gets comfortable option.

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Mobility Scooters: Enriches Life Immeasurably

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Mobility Scooters: Enriches Life Immeasurably

This article was published on 2011/04/25