The Benefits of Mobility Aids

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Mobility aids refer to the tools that are designed to help / assist / enable greater mobility amongst the differently-abled. There are a wide variety of mobility aids that range from crutches / walking sticks to wheeled walkers and walking frames. Likewise, you have power driven and manual wheelchairs, scooters and new innovations like exoskeletons and robotic legs. In fact, these mobility aids can be used by anybody who needs assistance to move around.

Need for Mobility Aids

People use mobility aids for different purposes. It is used for long term assistance and also as a part of a rehabilitation program. A person may use these mobility aids when recovering from an operation or injury and has difficulty in moving around. The most common mobility aids in such instances are walking sticks or crutches as they are easy to operate and offer greater mobility. These mobility aids are used only as a temporary measure since the patient may be able to move around independently after the rehabilitation period is over.

However, there are instances where total recovery is not possible or somebody suffers from total disability, in which case mobility aids may be prescribed for a long term use. Mobility aids for such people are designed according to their physical abilities and to help them find proper balance and coordination. In cases of permanent disability, it is important to understand the personal lifestyle / home conditions and assess the physical abilities of an individual before purchasing suitable mobility aids.

Benefits of Mobility Aids

Not only do mobility aids provide greater stability, they also offer a few benefits to the user. The benefits include:

- Facilitating walking patterns
- Assisting body weight distribution
- Maintain upright body posture
- Enhance self confidence levels

Customized Mobility Aids

Quite often people are under the impression that only those people with certain medical conditions / disabilities use mobility aids. However, it is not the case since there are a large number of people who can walk independently but need a little support to walk steadily. There are a few people who need assistance to walk, while some are unable to walk even with support. Based on the different needs of people, there are a wide range of mobility aids that are designed for providing greater degree of comfort and independence.

Finally, when it becomes evident that you require the use of mobility aids, discuss it with your doctor to find out what kind of mobility aid will suit your requirements. Look at different mobility aids before choosing the most suitable one for your needs.

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The Benefits of Mobility Aids

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This article was published on 2011/06/18