The Importance of Maintaining Your Mobility Lift

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A mobility lift is a specialized piece of equipment designed to make entering and exiting a vehicle easier for the wheelchair bound person, or designed for storing a wheelchair during travel. There are also mobility lifts for the home, but the ones we are concerned with here are those for the vehicle. Like any piece of equipment, proper maintenance is necessary to ensure that it continues to work properly for its life.

Technology continues to advance with every year, and that is certainly true for mobility lifts. Today a mobility lift is built for quality and safety, with the desire to provide a safe ride for wheelchair bound passengers and drivers. However, once the mobility lift is installed and no longer subject to the manufacturer's control, the owner is responsible for its proper operation.

The best way to ensure that your mobility lift operates smoothly for a long life of use is to maintain it as suggested by the manufacturer. Ignoring the maintenance of a mobility lift can result in serious injury, or the inability to use it.

Some recommendations for maintenance:

1. Pay attention to how it operates each time. Periodically, take it through each function and listen for a smooth, quiet operation through each function it is able to perform.

2. After each 150 uses you should check for loose wires or connections, check the brake system, inspect the mounting points, and inspect any other moving parts of the mobility lift.

3. Always keep an eye out for any fluid leaks and if any are seen it should be taken to your maintenance person.

4. Periodically clean the mobility lift as instructed in its operation manual. This may include applying a light coat of lubricant and lubricating any points necessary. Anytime obvious dirt or dust is on the mobility lift it can be wiped off with a dry, soft rag or towel.

5. Regularly check the locking system if the wheelchair is occupied during travel and remains on the platform. You should never move with the wheelchair in this position if there is any trouble with the locking system.

If at any time you are concerned about the operation of your mobility lift you should carry in to whomever you use for maintenance on it or your vehicle. Catching a problem early usually allows for an easier and less expensive repair, and prevents any serious injury or damage from occurring.

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Mobility Lift

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This article was published on 2010/12/08