The Key Challenges In Adopting Mobility In Enterprises And Its Solution

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Today, every business has become familiar with the huge potentials of mobile technology that can be leveraged to boost the company revenue. Technological solutions based on mobility can measure and monitor field employees' activities, improve productivity and date can be can be transferred and access in real time in the most secured way. Although enterprise mobility provides huge benefits, but there are some challenges that blocks the effective use of mobility.

Technological challenges: The mobility solutions available in the market are building only in a homogenous environment and work with low complexity. Such mobility solutions work best in midsize companies but can't fulfill the need of a complex, large size enterprise where unique challenges come forth time to time like the need to manage structured as well as unstructured contact data, procedural documents and field ticket forms etc.

Configuration issues: Sometimes enterprises face the configuration issues due to unplanned compatibility problems that slow down the whole project.

Mobility solution needs high skill sets to support the application: when a company show willingness to implement these solutions, the software requires high resources and skills to support the development of the application. In this situation, businesses lack in taking the ownership of the configuration.

The alternatives are challenging to iterate, depending on the changes the work procedure needs.

Deficiency of user adoption: Programs are rigid and designed to comply with after sales data components rather than mobile business procedures.  Most solution providers lack of functional skills or they don't succeed to focus on functionality as a primary success requirements.

Mobility software is solution centric software that works as an enterprise system. This solution provides a comprehensive mobility structure that works efficiently for unique system requirements. Thus, mobility software provides a balance between technology and solutions.

This software also provides a code free environment with data synchronization, hassle free application implementation. Due to the open framework, it is compatible with barcode scanning, electronic signatures, GPS/GIS etc.

This software can also incorporate self-sufficient and separate workflows. Furthermore, with a web-based management console to view and handle time-sensitive mobile activities, mobility software provides a dedicated interface for area functions to handle field operations. This is a self-sufficient program that reduces the development work and technical difficulties while system abilities provide extensible structure to set up, personalize, and develop solutions.

It can be used as a hub, with a separate server and workflow engine. Thus, the design provides an advanced level of resiliency to upcoming changes in technological innovation and in business procedures.

The entire Mobility Solution can be organized on the cloud offering the business unlimited scalability. This solution enhances field agent productivity, efficiency, they can now accomplish a lot more in a single meeting with a client because the company can now receive and send back the important data  with decisions to its workers  immediately. 

The value and success of any mobility software depend on how often and well workers use it. Therefore, the remedy must be focused on the individual needs of the customers, and suitable with their mobile choices.  Lastly, any mobility solution must respond the needs of workers for information from end-to-end.  

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The Key Challenges In Adopting Mobility In Enterprises And Its Solution

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The Key Challenges In Adopting Mobility In Enterprises And Its Solution

This article was published on 2014/06/03